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 What is Propolis?

 Green Propolis from Baccharis Dracunculifolia

 Propolisis a balm-resinous substance that possesses various consistency and coloration, varying from brown to dark green. Bees collect it from several parts of the plants as sprouts, floral buttons, and resinous exudates, being transported inside of the beehive and modified by the bees through its own enzymes. This substance is used by the bees in the entrance of the beehives in order to close openings, to avoid the penetration of cold wind and, mainly to prevent from natural enemies (fungus and bacteria), besides being used to embalm small dead animals, killed by the bees, which could not be removed, thus avoiding their rotting. Propolis is also used as a construction material inside the beehive, welding honeycombs, frames and polishing the interior of the alveoli for the queen to do the posture.

It is said that propolis is the most natural antibiotic man has ever discovered. The remarkable thing about this substance is the fact this discovery took place some 2500 years ago.

Brazilian Propolis differs from others

  • Brazilian Flora Sources
  • Africanized Honeybees

Propolis from Alecrim is also known as "Green Propolis."

This kind of propolis is exclusively from Brazil. The Africanized honeybees produce the green propolis from the special native plant called "Alecrim-do-Campo" (Baccharis Dracundulifolia), a plant with a strong smell and a large amount of antioxidant and antibacterial substances in its composition. This propolis has a green color and a strong aromatic smell. The extracts obtained from this kind of propolis have a strong spicy taste, ad a beautiful light green color. it has the concentration of phenolic acids and other important antioxidant and antibacterial substances that makes it an excellent dietary supplement.*

The Green Propolis from Apis-Brasil is a registered product

and passed the required FDA's safety test.

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